Pretty Little Lie


The O. C. Supertones

Compositor: The O.C. Supertones

I was just nineteen I had my first pocket full of some money
So I called up Sid and I got a tattoo on my arm
Then I got a sound system for my 1970 Chevy
To get that old school knockin’ like my trunk was settin' off bombs
It wasn’t long before my money was gone

It was a pretty little lie
But it didn’t satisfy

When I was 21, I was young I was dumb and successful
I had a new hit record and a pretty little thing on my arm
It was all I’d ever wanted I was ready to feel fantastic
But every single night when I would step on that stage and perform
With every breath I felt emptiness

And now fast forward to my undeniable failure
I didn’t have nothin’ but Jesus and a blue collar job
I was scared that everyone would think that I was a loser
But I never felt surer that I was in the presence of God
To my surprise I felt satisfied

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