Warmth Of The Sun


The O. C. Supertones

Compositor: The O.C. Supertones

Winter was long
Stuck in a never ending december
My heart turned cold
But when it did I cannot remember
I never really felt the chill
Until the spring came back to me
A single day has broken its will
I finally feel that I am free

I feel your love in the warmth of the sun
Spreading across my shoulders
I feel your love in the warmth of the sun
Winter is finally over

I hear the song
Pouring forth ever since the creation
The whole world long
Every day and night they’ve been singing
Your glory grows up from the earth
It’s in the blowing of the wind
It’s in the shining of the sun
That thaws the hardest hearts of men

So let the world pour forth its praise and
Brother sun pour forth your rays through
Sacred night and blessed day

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