Fight On

The O. C. Supertones

Compositor: The O.C. Supertones

Dawn brings another day, living in babylon
Here i am the enemy so i battle on
And i’m tired of the struggle man, don’t know how i’ll take more
The only thing keeping me, is what i’m fighting for
Cuz here in babylon you better watch your back
You never see your shooter till you hear the click clack
I keep my eyes peeled and my faith in god
While i’m lookin’ out the window for the black bag squad

Gotta fight on, till one last dawn
For one more night
Alright, alright

Twilight in babylon, i wake with the setting sun
The revolution starts now, we will rise as one
We’re at war but we celebrate!! we wait for the son of man
I wait until midnight, then activate the plan
The trumpet will sound and the broad walls crack
Then we hit the lights and the city goes black
There’s no escape no escape at all on the day when babylon the great will fall

Every day its death or glory
Every day they’re searching for me
I’m a one man counter culture
Burn it all down leave it for the vultures

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